Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience – Los Angeles

January 16, 2021

Photo Op and the end of the experience

The Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience was a new event happening in Los Angeles.  There weren’t many details on what would be involved, but I went ahead and purchased a ticket for one car with two people to attend on January 6th.  I wore this Eleven costume I had for about a year (apologies for the awkward selfie photo), and these vintage earrings from the 1980s that I’ve had since middle school.

Once we arrived, we were directed into an area with several lines of cars staged in front of a large screen with a Mr. Clark inspired DJ acting as host and MC to start off the event.  While waiting in our cars we could place our orders for food and merchandise, and watch actors portraying the Stranger Things kids skating on skateboards, riding bikes, etc. 

Once we were directed to drive inside the parking structure which is where most of the events occur during the experience.  We were directed to specific parking spots and actors portraying Russian soldiers/spies, Steve, Robin, and Dustin were going to different areas so that all of the cars get to experience what’s happening.  Steve and Robin were high from the truth serum given to them by the Russians on the show.  A demogorgon ran up to some of the cars scaring people. 

The cars are then directed further into the structure where it’s really dark, and there are vines everywhere.  The signs (in Russian) are upside down and it’s obvious that something bad is happening or has already happened.  We are in a stand-still, and I still don’t know if it was intentional or if it was just people stopping to take photos from their cars.

It takes quite a long time to get through this area, but we are directed about outside where we are line up in front of an enormous stage.  The show here is mostly Billy and Eleven re-creating the final battle in season three episode eight: The Battle of Starcourt which is incredibly well done.

After the show ends, we are directed back inside the parking structure to pick up any merchandise we had purchased, and there’s a photo op which you had to do from your car.   Since we had to keep our windows closed for duration of the experience, I wish I had remembered to wash my car’s windows ahead of time.  The timed ticket for one car with two people, I think two people was the minimum, was $89 (eighty-nine dollars).  I also had issues getting my pre-ordered food which should have been delivered to my car before we entered the structure, so I had to stop back near the entrance and tell them what had happened.  I ended up having to get the ice cream bowl set without ice cream as I couldn’t simultaneously eat it and drive home.  It’s a really cute bowl, but I wouldn’t try to scoop ice cream with the plastic ice cream scoop. 

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