FreeForm’s Halloween Road 2021

October 4, 2021

I managed to get two tickets to FreeForm’s Halloween event called Halloween Road which is free to attend if you can get the tickets.  The Halloween Road event was held at the historic Heritage Square Park in Los Angeles and only open for five nights, October 1 – October 5, 2021.  These timed tickets “sell out” within minutes so I was ready to snag them as fast as possible once the clock hit 10am.  This was the first time we had attended, and we went on the night of October 4th

Unfortunately, it was raining with plenty of lightning and thunder in Los Angeles on the night we attended so when we arrived for our check-in time the line wrapped around the block.  They were opening late due to the storm, but they opened within thirty minutes of our getting in line.  The check-in process went surprisingly quickly considering how long the line was. 

Each person received a black tote bag and a card to use to collect candy at the various trick-or-treat stations. Each card had numbers representing the number of trick-or-treat stations, and these which were marked off each time you got candy.  This was to keep people from repeatedly going to the stations all night so that everyone had a chance to get candy. 

There were a variety of photo ops throughout the area, and the historic houses of Heritage Square were each decorated with a theme.  There was also an Oogie Boogie themed giveaway wheel, but I lost and only got a squishy slug. Bleh.  There were drag performances of the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus on a stage which was next to the beer garden. Unfortunately, the rain returned with its lightning and thunder while we were in line for our last photo op of the night.  They began clearing everyone out and closed.  I don’t know how long they were closed for which was terrible for those who had just arrived.

We made it back to our car mostly dry since we found a parking spot somewhat close to the event’s entrance (which was not the Heritage Square Park entrance.)  The lightning was putting on quite a show for our drive home, which made the Los Angeles traffic even more…interesting.

I think my highlight was taking picture with Wednesday Addams in front of one of the houses.  Freeform has hosted the Halloween Road event in previous years, and I hope to obtain tickets for future years. 

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