Stranger Things Pop-Up Store – Los Angeles

November 6, 2021

I grabbed a free ticket reservation for opening day of the Stranger Things Store pop-up in Los Angeles.  The store is a pop-up, but they don’t have a closing date listed.  It’s still open as of this writing on January 18th, but I would go there as soon as you can if you want to experience this immersive shopping experience.  The store takes walk-ins, but you can also make free reservations on Fever here.

It was really crowded on opening day as you would expect.  There are so many photo opportunities throughout the store so take your time as the entrance and exit are two different tunnels.  Once you walk through the entrance tunnel you are transported to the 80s and you are standing in the Byers’ living room complete with the lights and painted alphabet above the sofa.  There are plenty of items to buy in this room, and there were the special edition cereal boxes for sale.  The cereal boxes were limited to one box per person, and I think a staff member told me they only had about 80 boxes total for the three different brands.  I immediately grabbed a box of Lucky Charms and headed into the next room which was decorated like the Starcourt Mall. 

The Starcourt Mall area is the central hub where each of the other themed rooms split off from. There was a large hillside themed photo op here, and plenty of Stranger Things and Netflix branded merchandise to purchase.  This is also where the cashiers are located.  The next room I went into was the arcade where you could play free classic arcade games.  There were also stations where you can customize a shirt to purchase in addition to the other merchandise on display. 

The next room is like a lab with a siren and flashing lights occurring periodically.  There are a few things in this room I bought to be Christmas gifts.  From here you can walk into a tiny room which is a photo-op with a Demogorgon coming out of the wall. 

From the Demogorgon photo op room, I walked into the Hawkins Middle School room where there were lockers and a Snow Ball banner with backdrop photo op.  The merchandise in here was focused on Hawkins middle school, and you could also get a hat custom embroidered. I bought the Scoops Ahoy sailor hat with my name embroidered on the back.  While I was waiting for my hat to be embroidered, I walked around the Starcourt Mall room to look at all the merchandise they had for sale in there. 

After getting my embroidered hat, I paid for my other items and headed out of the store.  I made sure to stop in the exit tunnel to take a few more selfies. The store is a fun experience, but be warned that a lot of the merchandise can be pretty expensive, especially the Netflix branded merchandise.

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