Television Costume Exhibit – FIDM Museum

October 23, 2019

The Fashion Institute of Fashion Design and Merchanding (FIDM) has a museum which houses several exhibitions throughout the year, and I went to their Midge’s Marvelous Night event spotlighting “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” show.  They often have special talks with various costume and fashion designers and other special events at the FIDM Museum so be sure to check out their social media accounts for announcements and updates.  Besamé Cosmetics were on-hand to provide some makeup artists if you wanted your makeup done, and some of their products were available for purchase in the museum’s gift shop.  There were also food and drinks provided for all attendees. 

The FIDM Museum in Los Angeles is currently closed, but I hope they will re-open soon.  It’s a great way to see some costumes from a variety of films and television shows. 

Enjoy the slideshow!

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